RebelSpaces host AGREEn’s pitch night

Agreen is een consultancy bureau gerund door studenten. Zij presenteren op deze avond de resultaten van hun vijfde onderzoekscyclus. in de woorden van Agreen:

AGREEn is throwing a party!

Why are you having a party? Over drinks we’ll present the results of AGREEn’s 5th project cycle. This includes projects done for the Radboud University, Local municipality Berg en Dal and Housing corporation Talis.

Where is this party? the party is located at RebelSpaces at their space on the Honig terrein.

What’s AGREEn? We’re a consultancy agency run by students for anyone that wants our help.

Can I come? Sure you can! If you’d like to learn more about AGREEn’s projects join us for some presentations.

If you are a student, and considering joining AGREEn, we’ll be having a meet-and-greet event in january just for you. Contact us through to let us know you’re interested, or keep an eye on our facebook page.

17 december

19.00 – 22.00

Waalbandijk 16, Unit 60


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